Warnock Engineering Building (Bldg 062)

About: The John & Marva Warnock Engineering Building (WEB) is located on the right side of Merrill Engineering Building (MEB), when facing North, towards the famous block U painted on the mountain slope (see picture below). WEB has 4 levels above level zero, called levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, and two levels below, called lower level 1 and lower level 2. The North, East, and South entrance and exits of WEB all lead to the Catmull Gallery on level 1. It is connected by an underground tunnel from the left to MEB as well as to Meldrum Civil Engineering Building from the right at lower level 1.  The Block U By zaui [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The WEB currently hosts the following major points of Interest for CS students:


  • Lectures for a majority of undergraduate and graduate courses are held in the WEB lower level 1 and level 1 classrooms and seminar rooms apart from the classrooms in MEB.Classes on lower level 1 are numbered L0101 - L0130.
  • The west entrance to WEB leads you to the lower level classrooms and west exit to the CADE lab on lower level 2.

Engmann and CADE Labs

  • The Engmann lab is completely a Windows systems lab and the CADE lab has Linux machines along with Windows machines. The CADE Lab internally has three labs, two (Lab 1 & 2) of them have Linux machines and Lab 3 has Windows systems. Next to the Engmann lab is the Mac machines lab.
  • The machines in these labs can be used by the current students studying in the College of Engineering of U. However, a lab can be reserved before hand, by any department in Engineering and you might be asked to give up your system, in these scenarios.
  • To access the machines inside the lab for the first time, a student typically has to register his or her UCard inside the lab. Tailgating is neither encouraged nor advised, so be careful who you let in and don't abuse others trust for the first time.
  • After your UCard is registered, you should swipe the card at the card reader near the door, to gain access into these labs.
  • Thrice a year, at the start of the semesters (Spring, Summer, and Fall) each user gets a quota of 400 pages to print A4 sized sheets. They will be lapsed once the semester ends.
  • If you are a TA for any programming course for undergraduates, you might be holding your majority of consulting hours in these labs.
  • Various events are held in the Catmull gallery and it is also frequently called the foyer. New graduate students typically have their reception in this area as do the graduated students. It is also used as undergraduates Capstone showcase area.
  • There are many seminar rooms available for students to study together on level 1 and 2 in WEB. There is no reservation to use the study rooms but if a class or seminar is scheduled to be held there, you might be asked to evacuate the room.
  • Starley Commons located next to the Catmull Gallery, is a frequented shop to grab a quick bite or get lunch.

Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute(SCI)

  • The SCI institute currently hosts the offices of professors, who hold joint appointments with SoC, among others, as well as with SCI, in levels 3 and 4.
  • The Distinguished Lectures hosted by SCI are held generally in WEB 3780 and it is open to CS graduate students. These lectures are typically delivered by top researchers in the field of Imaging, Applied Math, Scientific Computing, Visualization and others.
  • For more details about SCI visit www.sci.utah.edu.