Visiting the School of Computing

Parking Passes for Visitors

Dear Dean's Office & Dept. Admins:

Due to the new parking permit system the university is implementing where vehicle license plates are the parking permit, this changes the way we help our guests with parking. Hanging passes will no longer be available for sale. (Any unused hanging passes will still be honored).

Day & week passes are now purchased online individually. Your Department must set up a vendor number with Commuter Services. You can then purchase a pass with your guest's license plate number, Dept. vendor # and your P-card.

In an effort to facilitate the process for our guests, please remember to kindly inform them of the new system and the need to provide their license plate number prior to their arrival.


1) Pre-register for a pass: You can call days ahead with your guests arrival & departure date, license plate number, Dept. vendor # and your P-Card.

2) You can call the day of the meeting with guest license plate number, Dept. vendor # and your P-card

3) After September 15 - (If their system is ready) you can go online and do pre-registration or same day purchases - again, with license plate number(s), Dept vendor # and your P-card.

Commuter Services ext. 5-6314

Directions to MEB

Trying to send visitors to MEB?

Here's the text I created:

The Merrill Engineering Building is at:

50 S Central Campus Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Google maps:

There's a large parking lot in front of MEB.

The front office, third floor, room 3190, can distribute parking passes.

To reach MEB from downtown, take 100 South toward and into the University.

Eventually, 100 South makes a sharp left and turns directly into North Campus Drive.

North Campus Drive winds immediately around a large parking lot and a large, black, glass box-like building.

That building is MEB.

Without snow, it looks like this:

You can turn directly into the parking light from N Campus Drive.

If, instead, you reach the first stoplight on N Campus Drive, you can make a right onto Central Campus Drive, and another right to enter the parking lot.