Campus Coffee Shops & Food

Coffee Shops

  • Two Creek is the closest coffee shop, located in the Geology/Geophysics building (Sutton Bldg). Food options limited primarily to bakery items, quiches, and pre-packaged burritos.
  • Cafe Madsen by Charming Beard in the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building (5th floor).
    • Hours: Mon - Thurs : 7a - 7p, Fri : 7a - 3p
    • “a small-batch wholesale roaster ( is the place to try the nutty Nicaraguan El Recreo Estate brewed in a Chemex, the iconic glass vessel for making pour-over coffee. Then there’s that view of the snow-capped Wasatch Mountains. Otherwise, you can find Charming Beard coffees at local restaurants and cafes, or at a pour-over bar at the Winter Market every other Saturday through April 25, and at the Downtown Farmers’ Market during the summer. Last year, cream and sugar were not offered at the farmers’ market in the name of coffee education. “We feel that we proved our point,” said Josh Rosenthal, the chief executive of Charming Beard Coffee, noting that those accompaniments were offered this year.”


(Off-campus nearby food listed here: Restaurants)