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The Undistinguished Lecture Series

A weekly graduate student-run event, Fridays at 6pm in the LCR. Feel free to bring your own games or make some friends and have fun! Free pizza provided by the SoC.

The Undistinguished Lecture Series (UDLS) is a set of talks given by (typically) grad students in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. UDLS gives us a chance to learn about the incredibly vast interests of our fellow grad students, while also practicing our speaking skills. There is only one rule: you must present an original topic that does not pertain to your research. If you'd like to give a talk, send an e-mail to the head organizer: ian[^at^]

Previous Lectures

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Topic
2018-04-27 Ned Peters Unthinkable[ (Historical Context of Nuclear War)]
2018-04-20 (Various) (Slideshow Karaoke)
2018-04-13 Pavol Klacansky Useless Operating System
2018-04-06 Claire Zhang Real Estate 101
2018-03-30 Anand Tripathi Time Travel in Fiction
2018-03-16 Krunal Jain Cricket: More Than a Game
2018-03-09 Mohammed Musaddiq Physics/Logic/Reason across (certain) movies
2018-03-02 Ian Mallett Lasers!!!
2018-02-23 Srivatsan Kumar Self-published books and the editorial question
2018-02-16 Michael Matheny The Dying Banana
2018-02-09 Siddhant Ranade Pretty Patterns
2018-02-02 Chris Brooks How big can numbers be?
2018-01-26 Ned Peters The South Seas Company: Making Enron Look Good
2018-01-19 Riddhish Bhalodia Game Balancing

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Topic
2017-12-08 Siddhant Ranade Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube
2017-12-01 Ian Mallett Elizebeth Smith Friedman: The Mother Of Cryptanalysis Erased From History By The FBI
2017-11-17 Annie Cherkaev I Love Pie
2017-11-10 Anand Tripathi Dissecting Malware
2017-11-03 Will Usher Dwarf Fortress
2017-10-27 Hong Xu Food, flavors, umami, and truffles.
2017-10-20 Riddhish Bhalodia Miniature Painting 101
2017-10-05 Ankit Agrawal Fat Loss and Weight Loss
2017-09-29 Ned Peters Chernobyl: How the Soviet Union built a giant steampunk shotgun, loaded it with Uranium, and blasted it at the sky.
2017-09-15 Will Byrd Thoughts on giving a talk
2017-09-08 Nipun Gottapu Fancy Pigeons
2017-09-01 Ian Mallett UDLS Intro and Folk Tales From the North

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Topic
2017-04-28 Celeste Hollenbeck Vegan Desserts
2017-04-21 Ian Briggs Lockpicking
2017-04-14 William Hatch Yo-Yos
2017-04-07 Sierra Allred Camping in Utah
2017-03-31 Will Byrd Camp Greentop Story Time
2017-03-24 Michael Matheny Blue-Tongued Skinks
2017-03-10 Dustin Webb and others Acroyoga
2017-03-03 Riddhish Bhalodia Norse Mythology
2017-02-24 Slideshow Karaoke
2017-02-17 Will Usher Sound Synthesis
2017-02-10 Srivatsan Kumar Jallikattu: Enga veetu Maadu
2017-02-03 Guru Pragaash The Trolley Problem
2017-01-27 Celeste Hollenbeck Cognitive Load
2017-01-20 Will Byrd Nanotechnology

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Topic
2016-12-09 Guru Annasamymani Hindu Mythology
2016-12-02 James Nagel Analysis of an Interstellar Communications Link
2016-11-18 Will Usher Dwarf Fortress
2016-11-11 Hari Subramanyam 3D Xpoint Memory
2016-11-04 Michael Ballantyne Dating (the radiometric kind)
2016-10-28 Michael Adams Orbital Mechanics
2016-10-21 Riddish Bhalodia The Banach-Tarski Paradox
2016-10-07 Srivatsan Kumar Zipf's Law
2016-09-30 Michael Ballantyne Reusable Rockets
2016-09-23 Ian Mallett Measuring Time (reference)
2016-09-16 Chris Brooks Tool assisted speedrunning
2016-09-09 Josh Kunz Conspiracies
2016-09-02 Will Byrd History of Writing

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Topic
2016-04-29 Chris Brooks Higher Mathematics
2016-04-22 Michael Adams Kerbal Space Program.
2016-04-15 Rohith Prasad Kalaripayattu
2016-04-08 John Holman Altcoins
2016-04-01 Will Byrd CRISPR
2016-03-25 Sarah Spall Figure Skating
2016-03-11 Lucas Paul Security vulnerabilities in pacemakers
2016-03-04 Robert Christensen Fallacies in Baby and Toddler Logic, and How We Can Benefit
2016-02-26 Josh “The importance of being prepared”
2016-02-12 Scotty Bauer Exploit Development
2016-02-05 Ian Mallett Austempered Ductile Iron
2016-01-29 Scotty Bauer Cold Fusion
2016-01-22 Ian Mallett Realities of Space (KSP)
2016-01-15 Michael Ballantyne TempleOS

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Topic
2015-12-11 Celeste Hollenbeck How to throw a punch
2015-12-04 Will Byrd The art of teaching
2015-11-20 Dawn Sweeney Walkability and Pedestrian Safety
2015-11-13 Dylan Yokoyama and Siddartha Magic: The Gathering and Android: Netrunner
2015-11-06 Sarah Spall Rock Climbing
2015-10-30 Scotty Bauer Jury Nullification
2015-10-23 Ian Mallett, Chris Brooks, Will Usher, Josh Kunz, Sarah Spall, and Celeste Hollenbeck. Slideshow Karaoke
2015-10-09 Michael Adams Dancing the Charleston
2015-10-02 Josh Kunz Tor: What is it Good For?
2015-09-25 Dylan Yokoyama How to Make a Game in Four Weeks
2015-09-18 Chris Brooks Super Smash Brothers as a Spectator Sport
2015-09-11 Mark Baranowski Speaking Semi-Highly About Rust
2015-09-04 Celeste Hollenbeck How to Give a UDLS Lecture / Demo: Now We're Going to Talk About Some Awesome Horror Movies

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Topic
2015-05-01 Scotty Bauer Numbers Stations
2015-04-17 Ian Mallett Linguistics
2015-04-10 Shishir Bhargav Yoga
2015-03-27 Josh Kunz Internet Protocols, Governance, and History
2015-03-13 John Holman Insane Clown Posse
2015-03-06 many Lightning Research Talks
2015-02-27 Ian Mallett Celtic Music
2015-02-13 Michael Ballantyne Smalltalk and Lisp Machines
2015-02-06 Scotty Bauer Stuxnet, Flame, Duqu and the future of cyber war
2015-01-30 Lucas Paul The Double-Slit Experiment
2015-01-23 Christian Schreiner Computer Engineering for the Apollo Missions
2015-01-16 Will Byrd Rockets, the moon, space, and the Cold War

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Topic
2014-12-12 Leif Andersen Sonic the Hedgehog
2014-12-05 Celeste Hollenbeck Cognitive Mechanisms of Art
2014-11-21 James Nigel Game Theory
2014-11-14 Dawn Sweeney Stealing History – A brief look at archaeological law and ethics
2014-11-07 Will Byrd Cuttlefish
2014-10-31 Will Usher The Psychology of Free to Play Games
2014-10-24 Michael Ballantyne Legal Justifications for NSA Surveilance
2014-10-10 Scotty Bauer Hockey
2014-10-03 Christian Schreiner Statistical Process Control
2014-09-26 Rohith Acting
2014-09-19 Adiyta Dave Hadoop
2014-09-12 Misc. Lightning Research Talks
2014-09-05 James Nagel Martial Arts

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Topic
2014-05-09 Charlie Jacobsen Backpacking
2014-04-25 Leif Andersen Mad Cow Disease and Cannibalism
2014-04-11 Ethan Kerzner and Thibault Dupont Genetically Modified Organisms
2014-04-04 Will Byrd The Rules and Strategy of Go
2014-03-28 Michelle Hromatka The Troubles in Northern Ireland
2014-03-21 Scott Bauer Financial Derivatives
2014-03-07 Yohann Bearzi Europe: a deja-vu
2014-02-28 Graham Pederson Violence Over Time
2014-02-14 Anshul Joshi Exoskeletons
2014-02-07 Ethan Kerzner An Inconvenient Banana
2014-01-31 Michael Ballantyne A History of NSA Hijinks
2014-01-24 Chris Earl Bitcoin
2014-01-17 Leif Andersen Video Game Development
2014-01-10 Dustin Webb ROS (Robotic Operating System)

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Topic
2013-12-13 Yohann Bearzi Les Guignois de l'info (News Puppets)
2013-12-06 Mukund Raj Squash
2013-11-22 Tony Tuttle Bicicyle Commuting
2013-11-15 Raghvendra Singh and Nitin Yadav Card Tricks
2013-11-08 Will Byrd Starcraft
2013-11-01 Ben Jones Matt and Trey: My Heroes
2013-10-25 Andy Keep Homebrew Beer
2013-10-11 Bruce Bolick The serpent Prince: A Swedish Legend
2013-10-04 Sean McKenna Lightsabers
2013-09-27 Leif Andersen Lucid Dreaming
2013-09-20 Chris Malloy Lock Picking
2013-09-13 Anshul Joshi Archery
2013-09-06 Dustin Webb Quadrotors
2013-08-23 Ben Jones The Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center or What DropBox could be with a huge budget and no morals