In order to process reimbursements, etc., frontdesk@ needs you to first fill out a travel form:

frontdesk@ can book flights, pay conference registration, etc. ahead of time if you give them the pertinent information.

frontdesk@ can process an advance reimbursement if desired (such that self-booked flights + registration are reimbursed before food + hotel costs are incurred). These should be submitted at the same time rather than in batches.

If you want to receive an electronic PDF with a breakdown of the expenses that you are being reimbursed for, let frontdesk@ know when you are creating the trip entry/handing in receipts. This is not available for non-travel reimbursement requests – for those, keep good records yourself.


Delta has a hub in Salt Lake City. The university doesn't seem to have any kind of special contract arrangement with Delta.

Many airlines will match your status on other airlines upon request, or if you subsequently satisfy “fly N miles in T days.” If you obtained elite status on another airline, you mightbe interested in using it to bootstrap Medallion status on Delta. You can start the request process using the link below:

They didn't grant mine directly, but rather sent me a challenge:

“To keep your Medallion status through January 31, 2016, you will need to complete the following requirements within the 90-day timeframe:

Fly 6,250 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) or 8 Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) on flights operated by Delta or Delta Connection®.”

Rental Cars

frontdesk@ can't pay up front for the car reservation, so they prefer that you book it and request reimbursement.

Car rental information and discounts:

SLC Airport Parking

If at all possible, avoid parking in the garage. It's a surprising $28 a day (which, aside from being unreasonable, will not be fully reimbursed).

There's an economy lot that's $9 a day. There are free shuttles that sequentially hit shuttle stops 0-12 in the lot, the airport, then loop.