“What's up with all these different talks?”

Organick Lectures

Happen once a year. Definitely go! Speakers tend to be very established people with interesting insights to offer: deans, directors of the CS program at NSF, founders of successful companies, etc. Lectures tend to be at a high level, so no particular technical specialization required. A second lecture is usually offered on the second day of the visit with a slightly more technical bent.

  • SoC Link on lecture series:
  • (Recent) past speakers:
    • 2014 – Ed Lazowska, University of Washington
    • 2013 – Peter Neumann, SRI International
    • 2012 – David E. Shaw, D.E. Shaw Research
    • 2010 – Sebastian Thrun, Stanford University
    • 2009 – Ed Catmull, Ph.D., President Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios
    • 2008 – Fran Allen, IBM T.J. Watson Research Laboratory
    • 2007 – Jeannette Wing, Carnegie Mellon University
    • 2006 – Alan Kay, Viewpoints Research Institute, Inc.
    • 2005 – Vinton Cerf, Technology Strategy, MCI Inc.

Food Tip You will almost get to eat free food thrice, if you plan to attend these talks.


Colloquium lectures are typically lectures given by researchers that visit various research groups at the department throughout the year, which also includes the department job candidates.

Every student registered in Colloquium (CS 7930) are required to attend at least a third of the colloquia for 1 credit, two-thirds of the colloquia for 2 credits, and all colloquia for 3 credits. Note that it is strongly discouraged signing up for 3 credits since attending all colloquia in a semester is really challenging.

Please refer to the Announcements or the department calendar ( to know when and where colloquia are held. All attendance requirements are with respect to the colloquia announced through Canvas (and not the department calendar).

A research colloquium may be a standard colloquium, a Distinguished Lecture, a faculty recruiting talk, a thesis defence, a Research Buffet talk, or a Graduate Boot Camp lecture. Note that colloquia are sometimes announced quite late, so keep checking the announcements regularly and also sign up for the mailing list. After each talk you attend you must also send a brief report of about half a page (10-20 lines) summarizing the main ideas in the talk.

Food Tip Most department hiring events have coffee and bagels, sometimes a pizza.

Distinguished Lectures

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SCI Distinguished Lectures

The Scientific and Imaging Institute ( organizes these lectures.

All lectures will be at 2:00 p.m. in the Evans Conference Room, WEB 3780 Warnock Engineering Building

You can get email announcements for these lectures if you ask to subscribe you to

Following are the SCI distinguished lectures that are scheduled for the calendar year 2015-16.

Sept 4 - Lawrence Frank - UCSD -

Sept 25 - Jean-Daniel Fekete - Univ. of Paris -

Oct 2 - Dmitri Kusnezov - DOE -

Oct 23 - Carl Kesselman - USC -

Nov 6 - Eitan Tadmor - Univ. of Maryland -

Jan 22 - Susan Holmes - Stanford -

Feb 12 - Maneesh Agrawala - UC Berkeley

TBA - Bob Weinberg - MIT -

Food Tip - Free food typically available for theses lectures *

Research Buffets

For the past few years, at the start of the fall semester, the School of Computing holds “research buffet” talks, which are a great opportunity for first-year grad students to get an idea of some of the research going on around the department. Talks are announced on the colloquium list:


There are several talks that are being held on a varied topics at the MARRIOTT LIBRARY, You can vist this link to keep track of events happening in the library