Seminars are a great way to meet people in other research groups and to get a feel for what the area might be like. Especially in your earlier years, “shop around” in different areas – you might find something you like, and it's low effort. Ask the associated faculty, but it's also usually fine to drop in, even if you aren't registered.

They tend to be 1 credit and an hour a week. They might be watching a talk, discussing a read research paper, taking turns presenting a paper, etc.

Seminars offered Spring 2016

  • SoC Colloquium, CS 7930
  • Scientific Computing & Imaging (SCI) Seminar, CS 7932
  • Image Analysis Seminar, CS 7938
  • Data Lunch, CS 7941
  • Visualization Seminar, CS 7942
  • Networking Seminar, CS 7943

Seminars Offered in the Past

  • Performance Optimization Seminar, CS 7940 (Fall 2015)