The Undistinguished Lecture Series

A weekly graduate student-run event, Fridays at 6pm in the LCR. Feel free to bring your own games or make some friends and have fun! Free pizza provided by the SoC.

The Undistinguished Lecture Series (UDLS) is a set of talks given by (typically) grad students in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. UDLS gives us a chance to learn about the incredibly vast interests of our fellow grad students, while also practicing our speaking skills. There is only one rule: you must present an original topic that does not pertain to your research. If you'd like to give a talk, send an e-mail to the organizers.

Previous Lectures

Date Speaker Topic
12/12/14 Leif Andersen Sonic the Hedgehog
12/05/14 Celeste Hollenbeck Cognitive Mechanisms of Art
11/21/14 James Nigel Game Theory
11/14/14 Dawn Sweeney Stealing History – A brief look at archaeological law and ethics
11/07/14 Will Byrd Cuttlefish
10/31/14 Will Usher The Psychology of Free to Play Games
10/24/14 Michael Ballantyne Legal Justifications for NSA Surveilance
10/10/14 Scotty Bauer Hockey
10/03/14 Christian Schreiner Statistical Process Control
09/26/14 Rohith Acting
09/19/14 Adiyta Dave Hadoop
09/12/14 Misc. Lightning Research Talks
09/05/14 James Nagel Martial Arts
05/09/14 Charlie Jacobsen Backpacking
04/25/14 Leif Andersen Mad Cow Disease and Cannibalism
04/11/14 Ethan Kerzner and Thibault Dupont Genetically Modified Organisms
04/04/14 Will Byrd The Rules and Strategy of Go
03/28/14 Michelle Hromatka The Troubles in Northern Ireland
03/21/14 Scott Bauer Financial Derivatives
03/07/14 Yohann Bearzi Europe: a deja-vu
02/28/14 Graham Pederson Violence Over Time
02/14/14 Anshul Joshi Exoskeletons
02/07/14 Ethan Kerzner An Inconvenient Banana
01/31/14 Michael Ballantyne A History of NSA Hijinks
01/24/14 Chris Earl Bitcoin
01/17/14 Leif Andersen Video Game Development
01/10/14 Dustin Webb ROS (Robotic Operating System)
12/13/13 Yohann Bearzi Les Guignois de l'info (News Puppets)
12/06/13 Mukund Raj Squash
11/22/13 Tony Tuttle Bicicyle Commuting
11/15/13 Raghvendra Singh and Nitin Yadav Card Tricks
11/08/13 William Byrd Starcraft
11/01/13 Ben Jones Matt and Trey: My Heroes
10/25/13 Andy Keep Homebrew Beer
10/11/13 Bruce Bolick The serpent Prince: A Swedish Legend
10/04/13 Sean McKenna Lightsabers
09/27/13 Leif Andersen Lucid Dreaming
09/20/13 Chris Malloy Lock Picking
09/13/13 Anshul Joshi Archery
09/06/13 Dustin Webb Quadrotors
08/23/13 Ben Jones The Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center or What DropBox could be with a huge budget and no morals