Who Are We?

The School of Computing Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GradSAC) acts as a liaison between graduate students and the administration. We also maintain a collection of resources to assist graduate students during their tenure. GradSAC also organizes a number of social events and assists in new graduate recruiting.

Questions or comments? Email us: gradsac@cs.utah.edu.

GradSAC Team (2014 - 2015)

(L-R) Jubi Taneja, Ethan Kerzner, Sean McKenna, Anshul Joshi, Amit Roy, and Michael Liu & Thomas Gilray (not in picture).

Past GradSACs

2013 - 2014

(L-R) Sean McKenna, Anshul Joshi, Saurav Muralidharan, Dustin Webb, Eleanor Wong, and Ben Jones

2012 - 2013

(L-R) Saurav Muralidharan, Prasanna Muralidharan, Eleanor Wong, Dan Maljovec, Ben Jones, and James King

2011 - 2012

(L-R) Dan Maljovec, Katie Miller, James King, Prasanna Muralidharan, Lalindra de Silva, and Parasaran Raman

2009 - 2010

(L-R) Brian Summa, Josh de Bever, Jon Rafkind, Christopher Earl, Dr. Martin Berzins, and Tarun Prabhu

2008 - 2009

(L-R) Parasaran Raman, Josh de Bever, Brian Summa, Christopher Earl, Evrard Ohou, and Rebecca Koslover