Twice a year, Salt Lake City offers a Dine O' Round - an opportunity to explore a number of participating restaurants for a reasonable price (lunch 10$, three course dinner 15 - 30$). Fall Dine O' Round starts in the second week of September.

Restaurants near the U

  • The Union - on campus Quick and relatively cheap. Pretty good selection, pretty mediocre fare. Also Outtakes if you want mini-mart style food.
  • Starley Commons - Located next to the Catmull Gallery, is a frequented shop to grab a quick bite or get lunch
  • The Pie Pizzeria - 200 south (east of 13th east) Renowned underground pizza joint, serves beers, great cheese-bread, infamous pies and rustic aura.
  • Sono Express - 200 south (east of 13th east) Mom and Pop japanese restaurant, with relatively cheap dishes. Delicious tempura shrimp.
  • B&D Burgers - 13th east (south of 2nd south) Burgers. Milkshakes. Tuesday dollar burgers. Zucchini fries. General delicious greasebomb fare.
  • Indochine - 230 S 1300 E Vietnamese bistro, pretty good food and cheap lunch specials.
  • Einstein Bagels - 13th east (south of 2nd south) Not quite the New York bagel, but the closest thing you will find.
  • Aristo’s - 13th east (south of 2nd south) Greek food for a moderate price. Sit down, less of a grab and go.
  • Market Street Broiler - 13th east (south of 2nd south) Fresh seafood flown in daily. Tasty but very expensive.
  • Big Ed’s - University Street across from President Circle. Darker interior gives this burger joint a pub like atmosphere. Cheap beers and burgers, and excellent House salad dressing!
  • Subway and 7-11 - 13th east (south of 2nd south) Subs and convenience, the one stop shopping spot.
  • The Point - Huntsman Cancer Institute Run by Gastronomy, the outfit that runs several upscale eating spots in town (The New Yorker and Market Street Broiler). The prices are higher than the Union, but not terribly because Huntsman subsidizes it. Parking is free with a validation.
  • The School of Business Cafe The Art Museum Cafe At the Fine Arts museum on campus. Really good food, a nice break from the Union.
  • Gandolfo’s - 1300 East and 200 South Good “New York” style sandwiches
  • El Sillero - On campus in SMBB (molecular biotech building, east of WEB). Some of the best Mexican food. Really good.

Restaurants Around Town

  • Hire’s Big-H - 400 South and 700 East Drive-in or sit down burger joint.
  • Trio - 900 east and 700 south Good atmosphere and outdoor patio, probable wait list on the weekends, and “mature” menu offers something for everyone.
  • Cafe Martine - 22 East and 100 South Relatively unknown amongst college students. Its bank vault atmosphere with great appetizers and deserts, is described as a perfect choice for a romantic evening or light meal with good company.
  • Litza’s Pizza - 400 South and 700 East You guessed it, pizza…located next to Hire’s Big-H.
  • Wingers - 400 South and 700 East Great wings also located next to Hire’s Big-H.
  • Pei Wei - 2100 South and 1000 East Sit down or order out. Check their website:
  • Sage’s Cafe - 437 east and 3th south Fantastic atmosphere and 100% vegan, but their success over the years is evidence that their food appeals to more than just vegans. Try the Guaca-Nut Burger.
  • Happy Sumo - Gateway Mall Fantastic sushi place and offers a nice range of vegetarian sushi options. Also offers half-price sushi on ‘VIP nights’ — go there and ask to join the mailing list.
  • One World Cafe - 41 south and 300 east No Menu, price your own food, organic and vegetarian options. decent coffee.
  • Sun and Moon Cafe - 5205 Emigration Canyon Road Good cafe, especially for weekend brunch.
  • Crown Burgers - chain, so they are everywhere A utah original, fast food chain. Home of the fry sauce, some love it, some hate it. An unhealthy blend of mayonnaise and ketchup, you decide.
  • Red Butte Cafe - Foothill Shopping Plaza
  • Oasis - 151 South 500 East
  • East West Connection - 1400 South Foothill Dr.
  • Rumbi Island Grill - 700 East and 400 South (in the big strip mall) Fish, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, and Tofu Rice bowls. Moderate price for very good food.
  • Noodles and Co. - 700 East and 400 South (strip mall again) Several varieties of noodle dishes, recreating several ethnicities. Try the Penne Rosa and the Buttered Noodles. Mmmm.
  • Soup Kitchen - 1100 East and 1900 South Really good soups and sandwiches. Try the garlic breadsticks.
  • Big City Soup - 400 West and 200 South A fun place to eat lunch. Clam chowder and Lobster Bisque are awesome.
  • Long Life Veggie House - 3300 South and 1300 East Vegan dishes that taste like real meat. Our meat-eaters have not been able to tell the difference.
  • Iggy’s Sports Grill - 700 South and 200 West Sports bar with good food.
  • Samba Grill - Gateway Mall Brazilian grill, cheaper than Rodizio’s but not as good.
  • California Pizza Kitchen - Gateway Mall
  • Hatch Family Chocolates - 390 4th Avenue AMAZING chocolate.
  • Fiddler’s Elbow and Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta - 2100 South and 1000 East Good pizza, pasta, and grill. Order from either restaurant from the same table!


  • Ruth’s Diner - 2100 Emigration Canyon Road Good breakfast food. A MUST VISIT and often crowded.
  • Blue Plate Diner - 2100 east and 2100 south Another good diner with great breakfast
  • Park Cafe - 604 E 1300 S This is a nice place next to the Liberty Park. Good for breakfest. Good prices, great breakfast food. Chili and hashbrowns .. mmm-mmm.


  • Caputo’s - 300 South and 300 West Amazing subs, to-die-for cheese cake, lasagna, pasta salads, very Italian, and very good at a moderate price.
  • Michelangelo’s - on Highland just south of 2100 south. best Italian food in the city and in the bold opinion of a known italian, the only italian food in town.
  • Cocina Tos ana - 300 West Pierpont Ave. Italian food that comes highly acclaimed. Don’t judge this book by its cover, the deceiving exterior houses a great interior


  • Mazza - 1515 south and 15th east, 9th S and 9th E Best mediterranean in town. Falafels, baba ghanooj, and spinach fatayers brings tears to the eye. The new location at 9th and 9th has much more seating.
  • O'Falafel! - 2100 South 790 East. The name speaks for itself! A more “grab and go” style than Mazza. Owner is very friendly and from Jerusalem (he knows how to make a mean Falafel Sandwich).
  • Greek Souvlaki - 300 south and 400 east Good greek food, fast.
  • House of Kabob & Pita - 268 S Main St. Across the street from the Trax Gallivan Plaza stop. Mediterranean with a very tasty juje (chicken) kabob plate
  • Dimitri’s Cafe - Medical Arts Building about 11th east and 1st south Greek breakfast and Lunch
  • The Other Place - 500 East and 300 South Excellent Greek diner. Try the Mediterranean Spaghetti for a good vegetarian option, or the lamb chops otherwise. The Avgolimono soup is to die for.


  • L’Avenue Bistro - 1355 east and 2100 south Good French Bistro except on Sunday for brunch.


  • Barbacoa - near 9th and 9th Very tasty Mexican food.
  • CafeRio - near Smith on 4th South and 6th East, some people like it more than Barbacoa, try grilled stake salad.
  • Red Iguana - North Temple and 700 West Best Mexican food in town — bar none. Famous for their moles (the sauce, not the critter).
  • Beto’s - 400 South and down a ways (west of 500th east) 24-hour mexican food. Late night greasy food binging here.
  • Alberto’s - 300 West and 500 South (other location exist) Mexican food open 24 hours a day. Cheap and huge burritos.
  • Su Casa - 510 East and 300 South Cheap but good mexican food.


  • Star of India - 55 East and 400 South Very tasty lunch buffet. Authentic Indian food.
  • Himalayan Kitchen - 73 East 400 South Nepalese and Indian food, lunch buffet.
  • Bombay House - 2731 Parley’s Way Indian restaurant recommended by an Indian student. Enough said.
  • Saffron Valley - 26 E Street. A nice nearby place to have Indian food.
  • Tandoor Indian Grill - 3300 South 733 East. If any SoC event has Indian food, it will be from Tandoor.
  • The Kathmandu - 212 South 700 East. Himalayan/Nepalese restaurant.
  • Copper bowl - 214 West 600 South. Indian cuisine in American style.
  • House of Tibet - 145 East 1300 South Cheap and good lunches.
  • Curry in a Hurry - 210 South Main Street Excellent, fast Indian food. And it’s even Halal, for all us Muslims!
  • Cafe Shambala - 382 east and 4th Ave. Tibetan cafe. Vegetarian/Vegan friendly lunch buffet. The spicy potatoes and steamed veggie mo mos are more beautiful than God.


  • Thai Siam - 1425 south and State Street Heaping portions, not too sweet, not as expensive as Bangkok Thai.
  • Chanon Thai Cafe - 278 E 900 Great (and super spicy) thai food, though the service leaves something to be desired.
  • Bangkok Thai - 1400 south Foothill Drive Great thai restaurant, remarkable for its variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Home of the meatless mondays, it is a tad expensive, but good to support if you are vegetarian/vegan.
  • Monsoon Thai Bistro - Foothill about 1650 south Great thai food.
  • Sampan - 2100 South and 700 East Tasty, authentic asian. Delivers too.
  • Sawadee (754 East South Temple) - Best of Utah 2007/08, many people consider this one of the best Thai restaurants around, but some furiously hate it, anyhow check it out. They have an outdoor terrace which is nice for Summer.


  • Sakura Sushi - 1615 Foothill Dr. Cheap but good sushi.
  • Kyoto - 1300 South and 1100 East Japanese food. Moderate to pricey, but enormous portions that are quite tasty. Great ambiance, and it is okay to keep your shoes on despite the appearances. Pretty good sushi at a fair price. Go there for lunch – almost same size but cheaper.


  • Little World (1356S State Street) - hole in a wall kind of place, but very nice Chinese wood, big portions, and opened Sundays.
  • New Golden Dragon (1518S Main Street) - offers dim-sum
  • Hong Kong Tea House (565W 200) - considered to be best dim-sum


  • Ejo 3250 South 700 East - has grill right in front of you on the table. Kind of expensive, go there for Korean BBQ grill.
  • Myung Ga (1839W 3500S) - nice family style Korean food, stone bowls.
  • It's Tofu (6949 S 1300 E) - out in Cottonwood Heights, good after a trip to the canyons, very fresh food.

BBQ and more

  • Sugarhouse Barbeque
  • Famous Dave’s
  • Brazilian Rodizio Grill
  • Desert Edge Burgers
  • Fuddrucker’s Cajun Bayou (private club)
  • Chinese Hong Kong Tea House (or fly to San Francisco)
  • Deli Granato’s
  • Cuccina German Siegfried’s Deli (lunch only)
  • Italian Fresco’s ($)
  • Il Forno
  • Cannella’s
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Mexican/Tex-Mex Miramar
  • Casa Sanchez
  • Taco stands on State Street
  • Pizza - Wasatch Pizza
  • Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta
  • Rusted Sun Pizza
  • Southwestern Z Tejas Spanish/Tapas Cafe Madrid ($)
  • Martine’s ($)
  • Steak Spencer’s ($) (steak options surprisingly poor here)
  • Vietnamese East-West Connection
  • Cafe Trang
  • The Melting Pot (Fondue – prepare for a long dinner)
  • Over the Counter Cafe

Good venues for breakfast + coffee

  • Eva's bakery
  • Oasis
  • Gourmandise
  • Niche
  • Finn's
  • Cucina (avenues)
  • Charming Beard on Campus in Bio-E Building
  • Market Street Grill (but no Espresso, coffee not so bad)
  • Ruth's (watch out for coffee - 3/5 was bad)
  • Eggs in the City
  • Blue Plate Diner

Good for department visitors

  • Pago
  • Faustina
  • Eva's (can get noisy and busy, doesn't take reservations at least for small parties)
  • Naked Fish
  • Takashi (can get busy, doesn't take reservations for parties < 6)
  • Copper Onion
  • Frida

Pub Outings

  • Avenues Proper
  • East Liberty Tap House
  • Beer Bar/Bar-X


  • The Wasatch Front Vegetarian Dining Guide -This book is a great tool for finding vegetarian restaurants and is available online at: