There are a variety of ways to get reimbursement for money spent relating to departmental expenses, such as faculty candidate visits, prospective student visits, and GradSAC-approved social events. For information regarding travel expenses, please see here.

Department Visitors

Typically, reimbursements for visitors relate to meal expenditures, e.g. taking faculty candidates and 3-5 students out for a lunch and prospective students out to lunch with one or two current students. Save your receipts! You must obtain an *itemized* receipt. All expenses must be approved through GradSAC and the School of Computing before you seek reimbursement. Department reimbursements cannot refund any cost for alcohol.

Social Events

GradSAC will typically be in charge of coordinating purchases for social events, usually involving food or activity costs. The ideal method for obtaining reimbursement is through budgeting the amount you need and obtaining a purchase order through the front desk. To get a purchase order to pick up, email the details of the order to the front desk (name & location of business, amount required, and reason for the purchase) at least *two* business days in advance. Purchase orders can be used for a variety of businesses, from Smiths to Costco and even to certain restaurants. This method also saves the department from paying taxes.