Merrill Engineering Building (Bldg 064)

(A link here to a map or a low-fi drawing of areas we care about – office clusters, research labs, grad labs, TA offices, EAE, front office, LCR, printer room, mail room, graphics annex, staircases and elevators, …?)

Meeting Rooms

  • Large Conference Room, aka LCR (MEB 3147)
  • Graphics Annex (MEB 3515)
    • Best as I can tell, if you use HDMI to connect to the projector, it will NOT produce audio if you plug in the cable after it has started up, but it WILL produce audio if you start it up after it's been plugged in.


  • The Keurig and the espresso machine in the 3190 kitchen are available for faculty/staff/(?) use. Cost is covered via honor system: indicate a tally of your usage on the sheets above the espresso machine and you will be prompted to settle your account after the month ends.
  • Milk in the refrigerator doors are for this purpose.
  • Espresso machine manual in the top right of the cabinet above the machine.
  • Using the steaming/frothing wand:
    • If the machine is in power-saving mode, press the power/wakeup button.
    • Press the steam button. It will spend some time heating, then let you know when it's ready.
    • Dial the knob at the center of the machine down until you get steam.
    • When you're done steaming, shut off the knob and press the steam button again. It will say that it's overheated. Dial the central knob again to release heated water. It takes ~10 seconds, then it's ready to brew.
    • Please clean off the wand. :)
    • Yes, the wand is clearly missing its metal tube cover thing. If you get an urge to look up the machine online and check for accessories available for free/purchase, it would be welcome.