• Student Health Service: $10 co-pay for appointments with student health insurance. Visit the emergency room after-hours, but be prepared to slaughter a few trees by way of paperwork.
  • Dental Select: Closest thing to dental insurance without high cost.
  • Utah Eye Associates: Dr. David Masihdas (150 S 1000 E #100, 801-363-2851) - Excellent eye care physician, very knowledgeable and concerned about your eye health, very useful if you have poor eye vision. Buying eye-glasses online can also save you lots of money.
  • Always check to see if a doctor is covered by your insurance before you schedule an appointment!

Dentist Recommendations

  • Advanced Dentistry: Snyder Matthew G DDS (2681 Parleys Way #207, Salt Lake City, UT 84109, 801-485-2627)
  • Salt Lake City Dental Center: Dr. Brigham Stoker, DDS (144 S 700 E #2, SLC, UT, 84102, 801-505-6850) - They offer Netflix or other streaming services while they clean your teeth. Both doctor & hygienists have been fairly knowledgeable as well