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 ====== Maker & Hacker Spaces ====== ====== Maker & Hacker Spaces ======
-  * [[Make Salt Lake City]] 
 +==== Make Salt Lake City ====
 +Several of us visited Make SLC's open house last night (formerly EnjoGo). It's a Maker space / Hacker space (with more of an emphasis on the Maker part). It's in a largish warehouse behind an electronics store on 3424 South Main Street.
 +**Access:** 24-7 with membership
 +**Classes:​** Occasionally (e.g., microcontroller introduction last night.
 +Sounds like they have regular woodworking workshops)
 +  * A pretty serious laser cutter (the only thing that requires an additional fee - $0.25 a minute)
 +  * 2.5 3D printers (filament free with membership unless you're printing a ton)
 +  * Pretty much every woodworking thing you'd want (disclaimer:​ I'm not a woodworker)
 +  * Some setups for vacuum forming
 +  * Some welding setups
 +  * No sewing machines/​sergers/​etc.,​ but looking to add them
 +  * ... maybe other visitors will add :)
 +What it doesn'​t look people do much of is hang around and work on laptops (there may be some of that, but it doesn'​t seem optimized for
 +**Dues:** $50/month, $35/month for student. You could always look into teaching a class to make it back