Gyms and Other Rec

Climbing gyms

  • Rockreation
  • The Front
  • Momentum


  • 24 hour Fitness
  • Apple Fitness
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Lifestyles
  • Bally’s
  • the JCC (Jewish Community Center (open to all))…

On campus

Student Life Center has a really well equipped gym on campus and free for students (note that if you take vacation semester you have to pay a membership fee). Get all info about Student Life Center here.

Swimming Pools

The Student Life Center pool is free for students. If you are fan of outdoor pools you can go to the Steiner's Aquatic Center. You have to pay 5$ one-day fee or buy a monthly 36$ or yearly 240$ membership. Steiner's outdoor pool has a nice shallow place for kids and offers some swimming lessons.


Campus Rec rents equipment to students for very cheap. Anything from tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses, to skis, boards, snow shoes, climbing equipment (both rock and ice) and more.

If you plan to start skiing, you have to visit one of the ski swaps for tons of new and used ski gear. Ski swaps start around September/October. Plan to buy gear early. In case you missed all ski swaps you may get some used skis at SkiTrucks. They charge more than a typical ski-swap.

REI is a nice sport equipment store with 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can return anything any time. Returned stuff goes to a famous REI garage sale, which is open only for REI members (20$ membership). Garage sale is a good chance to buy all sorts of equipment in different condition (from new to heavily used). The nearest REI location is on 3300 E and 3300S.


University of Utah offers two tennis classes. First one is taught at the Field House (this is an evening class which starts at 7pm). You can register online through the Fitness Program. This is a really beginning class, but you may try it to start. Another tennis class is at the George S. Eccles Tennis Center. This is a set of morning classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players which starts at 8am. Search for “tennis” here to find ESSF 100 (Tennis Elementary) class at the Eccles Center.

You can also try to reserve a court at Field House but typically it's quite hard – they only accept reservations for the same day and you have to call at 6am to get it. There are multiple outdoor tennis courts around the university, which you can use. The nearest are East side of the Reservoir Park at the intersection of 100S and Virginia St (west side courts are closed), Sunnyside Park, East High School (1300 E and 800 S). The tennis club at Liberty Park offers tennis lessons, and courts, but you have to pay for everything there. On the other hand they have a wall behind the courts if you want to practice.