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  • Grad Bootcamp 2015:
    • git init: An Introduction to Version Control with Git (Eric Eide)
    • Ethics, Plagiarism, and Responsible Conduct in Research (Tamara Denning)
    • Ask us Anything: Why and How to Become a Prof? (Miriah Meyer, Vivek Srikumar, Ryan Stutsman, Suresh Venkatasubramanian)
    • Graduate Bootcamp: Basic Document Formatting with LaTeX (Erik Brunvand)
    • LaTeX-Fu (Suresh “Emacs+AucTeX+RefTeX or die” Venkatasubramanian)



Here's the Tuition Benefit form (this link might go out of date): link.

Student Health Insurance: (From my experience) If you have funding, you should be signed up for it automatically. Karen said the bill will show up in CIS around September 15th. (She doesn't have more definitive information because it's managed by another department.) You will be responsible for 20% of the bill.

New graduates

  • Getting started guide (UCard, office keys, and so on. Some of the links in here are out of date. We should maybe update this or pull it down.)

Email, personal webpages, and general IT

These are managed by the School of Computing IT team. This page has information about email accounts, personal web pages, and so on.

UConnect wireless network information

Travel Reimbursement

(This is based on my experiences. Please improve the accuracy.)

  1. Some conferences and workshops offer scholarships for travel. Try to do that first and get as much of the expenses covered as you can. Note that some scholarships have you pay for things like airfare up front, and then the conference will reimburse you later. Keep in mind that you may not be reimbursed for a month or so …
  2. Fill out a travel form here. This helps the front office track your activity and they will check to ensure you have all of your expenses reimbursed after the event is over.
  3. Airfare and conference fees will usually be paid using your advisor's funds up front (i.e., you pay nothing at all), and the payment is negotiated by the front desk.
    1. Identify the flights you need to take to attend the conference (airline, flight number, etc.).
    2. Notify the front desk ( you need to pay for airfare and conference fees, and they will coordinate with you. In my experience, they will ask you to email them the flight details, and then you will probably need to go to the front office and walk them through the conference registration website. They will then enter the payment information and register you for the conference.
  4. Hotel and meal expenses are different. You will probably have to pay for it up front, and be reimbursed later when you return. Keep track of receipts.