General (Grad School) Advice

Additional Resources

Brain Dump from Tammy (Geared Towards PhD Students/Research-Curious Students)

Philip Guo ( has a lot of great posts about advice, his experiences in grad school, etc. He started out by posting The PhD Grind – a story about some of his struggles during grad school and his decision to leave academia. However, he decided to go back into academia (happy ending!), and has posted a lot more since then. Some of my favorites – which I assigned as reading in CS 6964, in fact – are below:

Some of the other meta-research readings I've assigned in my class:

  • Several chapters from Writing for Computer Science (available online

via the University of Utah library), which has actually a lot of material about how to read papers, advice on formulating research topics, etc.

Vijay Chidambaram has started putting together a page with some of his favorite pieces of advice (

You'll notice that many of the links on the above page are from Matt Might's blog (

And there are a number of sources of academic humor, including PhD comics (e.g., and @AcademicSays.