Figures, Formatting, etc.

October 30, 2015

As a followup to the research bootcamp on ethics & plagiarism, I had a hallway conversation about making PDFs accessible.

There are various instructions available, e.g.:

Another issue is choosing colors for figures. I've had someone recommend:

-Tammy D

sadly, there’s no LaTeX solution yet. this link has a good discussion of the problems:

and I can vouch for colorbrewer, having had a color-blind student.

-Suresh V

Basically the lesson is to always use Dark2.

-John M

As someone who works in data visualization, I can also attest to colorbrewer. :-)

Quick visual summary by Mike Bostock (and links to hex values):

Fun fact: the color brewer website is quite popular with about 10,000 unique visitors per week! Source: Cynthia Brewer, 10/27/15 at the IEEE VIS conference in a panel on color mapping

-Sean McK