Driving & Parking (Student-centric)

The University is a commuter-campus, so there is often ample parking. The one exception is the first two weeks of the school year - it is advised to arrive early or between classes during this time. To park on-campus during normal hours, you will need to purchase a parking permit. Please note that students can get either “U” or “E” permits. “E” permits are cheaper, but there are fewer and farther spots to park in (especially during those first two weeks!). Also, you can check the campus map to find suitable parking for whichever pass you purchase. Please note that you may need to have your vehicle pass an emissions test, if it has not been inspected yet.

Commuting Without A Car

There are plenty of other methods to get to campus without a car. The U provides shuttles on-campus, and Utah's public transit (UTA) has both a light rail and buses to the campus. There are two bus stops very close to the SoC buildings

  • 100 North Campus Drive - accessible through routes 2, 6, 11 among others.
  • Central Campus Drive - accessible through routes 21, 213.

Your U-card can be activated to get free access to the UTA transit system and it works from two weeks before classes start in the fall semester. Both SLC and the U are very bicycle-friendly (despite the hills), and many students even walk to campus.